Liectroux YW-509 auto double side water spray, Voice guide, Auto cleaning on both frame and frameless home window glass,remote control

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Product:: YW509 window cleaner

SKU YW-509001

The Robot x1;

Remote Control x1;  

User Manual x1;

Power Adapter x1;

AC cable x1;           

Extension cable x1; 

Safety Rope x1;     

Cleaning Cloth x2;

Water Injection Bottle x1;

Empty Spraying Bottle x1

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The Liectroux YW-509 is a reliable and efficient window cleaner with smart features such as voice guidance, auto cleaning on both frame and frameless glass, double-side water spray, and a remote control. Enjoy time-saving convenience and fast results with this powerful window cleaner. In stock in the EU, Russia  warehouse.


About Model YW509

Outstanding Configuration: Water spray (to three directions: left, right, down) + intelligent path planning+ frameless glass applicable
Water Tank: 2 water tank, 90mL in total 

Water Spray:Spray water to left/ right/ down
Anti-fall Function:Yes
Power Adapter:Input:AC100-240V, 1.5A;    Output:24V 3A
Battey :500mAh
Suction Power:65dB

Sensor: Gyroscope + mechanical sensor

Suction Power:3000Pa
Cleaning Mode: 3 different modes--N, Z, N+Z
Frameless Detection: Yes
Framed/Frameless Glass: Yes

Remote Control
Mop :Patented cloth:Yes

Product Size:21.5*21.5*10.4cm
Product Weight:3.0Kg

(1) 4 sets of high-precision optocoupler sensors to detect edges sensitively

(2) 3000Pa suction power

(3) UPS power-off protection

(4) Floating cleaning pad plate keeps the robot attached on the glass steadily

(5) Professional-grade safety rope and safety buckles

(6) Total length of 6.2m power cord and extension cable for worry-free cleaning

* Automatic Water Spray to Left/Right/Down

* Large Capacity Dual Water Tanks total in 100ML

* Intelligent Path Planning (Z, N, N+Z)

* Intelligent Frame Detection

* Anti-slip Driving Wheel

* Easy Operation with Remote Control to Operate the Robot

* Multi-layer Patented Design Cleaning Pad with Strong Decontamination

* Brushless Motor Low Noise

* Suitable for Multiple Scenes (bathroom mirror, tile wall, framed/frameless glass, etc)

Liectroux provide 3 years warranty. In the event of a quality problem, we will cover the spare parts cost and shipping cost ourselves. You can trust us! Rest assured that in the unlikely event of a quality issue, our dedicated team will handle all repair costs for you. You can trust us to provide top-notch service.