Liectroux robot window cleaner model HCR-10 with auto spary water function 30ml water tank,,Ultrathin Window Cleaning Robot,,Remote control ( EU,RU warehouse in stock)

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Color: White


1. Host*1pc

2. Cleaning Ring *2pcs

3. Cleaning Mops *8pcs

4.Safety rope *1pc

5. Water adding bottle *1pc

6.Adapter *1pc

7. Remote control *1pc

8. User Manual *1pc

The Liectroux HCR-10 robot window cleaner uses an ultrathin design and auto spray water function to efficiently and effectively clean glass surfaces. Controlled with a remote, the robot has a powerful suction feature to effectively adhere to window surfaces. Keep your windows sparkling with this electric glass limpiacristales, available now in the Eu,Russia warehouse.

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Out of EU countries, will be shipped from China by DHL, UPS, or Fedex etc fast express.

About Model HCR-10

*Automatic water spray with 30ml water tank
1. Applicable on glass of any thickness.

2. Artificial Intelligent technology applied.

3. Long distance remote controller.

4. Brushless motor fan

5. Auto return to original point after work completed.

6. Fast cleaning speed up to 2mins per square meter.

7. Specially designed fiber mopping cloth.

8. Built in Uninterruptible Power System(UPS).

9. 3 Auto cleaning modes

10. Highly reliable anti-falling algorithm.

11. Auto and manual remote control.

12. High strength safety rope holds up to 150kgf.

13 Low power consumption (80W, 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz)

Liectroux provide 3 years warranty. In the event of a quality problem, we will cover the spare parts cost and shipping cost ourselves. You can trust us! Rest assured that in the unlikely event of a quality issue, our dedicated team will handle all repair costs for you. You can trust us to provide top-notch service.