New arrival Liectroux G7 Self empty dust bin, laser navigation, 5maps saved, 5200mah battery, 6500pa suction power,Multilingual navigation with carpet boost technology ( EU warehouse in stock)

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Color: Black


Main body X1

Mop board X1

Side brush X2

Cleaning brush X1

Self-empty station X1

2 in 1 water tank and dust box X1

Dust bag X2 (2 in box and 1 with self-empty station)

HEPA filter X2 (1 in box and 1 with device)

Mop cloth X2 (1 in box and 1 with water )

User Manual X1

Adapter X1

Introducing the New Arrival Liectroux G7 Self Empty Dust Bin, the ultimate cleaning companion. Featuring laser navigation, 5 maps saved, and 5200mAh battery life, this robot vacuum provides strong 6500PA cleaning power. Enjoy multilingual navigation and carpet boost technology for a superior clean. In-stock at EU warehouses.

NOTE:  EU warehouse in stock, For EU countries, goods  will be shipped from Poland warehouse with free shipping, free custom tax, free vat tax.

Out of EU countries, will be shipped from China

About Model G7

Robot size: 350*350*98mm

Package size: 440*420*350mm

Power (W): 45W

Voltage (V): 14.4V

Suction Power: 6500Pa

Battery capacity: 5200 Mah

Charging time: 300Min

Working time: 250Min

Dust box capacity: 300ML

Water tank capacity: 260ML

Dust bag capacity: 3L

One-click dust collection: Yes

Carpet pressurization: Yes

Auto area partition function: Yes

2 in 1 water tank and dust box: Yes

With self-emptying auto dust collector
Works with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. 1. Lidar + SLAM Dual Location
- 5cm-8m Radar Range
- Real-Time Object Detection Scans and Maps the
room, plans, and methodically cleans according to Map. 2. Wifi APP Controlled
- Real-Time Construction Map
3. Hand Drawing Virtual Wall on APP
4. Drawing Cleaning Area on APP
5. Map Upload & Storage on APP
- Support Multi-floor Map Storage (Max.5)
6. Breakpoint Continuous Cleaning
7. Adjustable suction power (4 levels)
8.Smart Electric-Controlled Air Pump Water Tank
- adjustable water output (3 levels)
9.Dust bin and water tank are integrated
Large size host: 350*350*98mm
Wet & Dry cleaning; Anti-Falling;
with carpet boost technology (ultrasonic wave)
Voice Guidance; Modulized Design;
Schedule Cleaning; Primary & HEPA Filters;
Auto Charge;
V-shaped Twining Proof Central Brush;
In-Mold Decoration Surface;
Li-ion Battery LG 5200mAh;
Obstacle Crossing: 20mm
NIDEC Brushless Motor imported from Japan.

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